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Windows® 7 Professional

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Windows® 7 Professional

Windows® 7 Professional
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Focus more on your business and less on technology so you can get more done.

Easily create backup images of your system so you can restore your files in a fraction of the time it would take to reinstall them.

Safeguard your work
Restore previous file versions that have been accidentally changed or deleted.
Powerful Encrypting File System technology better protects confidential information from unauthorized users.

Diagnostic tools and trouble shooting built into the Windows® 7 Professional operating system make it easy to analyze and resolve PC issues.
The Problem Steps Recorder makes it faster and more efficient to engage external technical support and easy to create basic program tutorials.

The Windows Internet Explorer® 8 Internet browser offers several security features: SmartScreen® Filter helps block malicious Web sites, InPrivate™ browsing allows you to browse without leaving behind the usual traceable items such as user names and passwords.
Ensuring that your purchase is genuine Windows will help protect your PC from the risks associated with counterfeit software.

1Windows XP Mode runs on Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. If not preinstalled, it can be downloaded free from Microsoft.com Non-HP site
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