HP Smart Print

Quickly print web pages just the way you want them, and eliminate all that wasted ink and paper.

Save Ink. Save Paper. See How.

Save ink and paper by using the Smart Print application. Check out the before and after scenario, and you will find that Smart Print allows you to remove headers/footers, ads, etc. and leaves you with the content you want to print.

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Print Selection

Only want to print a particular section of a website and not the whole thing? HP Smart Print makes it simple by selecting the area of the website it thinks you want to print. You just need to hit print!

Edit Selection

Did HP Smart Print miss something you wanted to print? Or did it grab too much? HP Smart Print provides a couple of different ways to edit the selection

  1. Resize the selected area by dragging the control points, or
  2. Using your mouse to add/remove from the selected area.

Smart Print Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Smart Print?

Smart Print is a printing application that allows you to print just what you want. Launch it from the button on HP Bing Bar. It will select an initial print-worthy area and format the print output appropriately so you save ink and paper. No more orphan pages!

2. How do I edit the selection generated by Smart Print?

The "See it in Action" video here can quickly show you how to edit. Add or remove areas by selecting (left-click and drag) the area you want to add/remove. Alternatively, you can drag the corners or edges of the selected areas. Smart Print will adjust the printed area accordingly.

3. How do I get back to the original state of the web page (i.e., cancel Smart Print)?

You can click “x” button on the Smart Print Preview/Print bar located in the upper left corner of Smart Print or you can simply refresh your browser.

4. Does Smart Print only work on HP Printers?

No, it works on any printer.

5. What happens if I select the File -> Print option, instead of the Smart Print print button?

The default browser printing application will still print, however, no editing options will be available to add or remove additional content.

6. How do I get the latest version of Smart Print?

Smart Print updates automatically using the default settings. You can choice to update manually by selecting the "?" on the Smart Print Preview/Print bar located in the upper left corner of Smart Print. Select the Updates tab to get the latest version.

7. How do I get support if I’m having trouble?

You can get support from HP Web Printing Support Forum.

8. Does Smart Print work on every web page?

Smart Print was developed to work on most websites. Occasionally, there may be some difficulties in selecting some content with older versions of Internet Explorer.

9. Does Smart Print work in every country/language?

Smart Print is localized in 19 languages and will default to English if a language is not available.

10. Does Smart Print require an internet connection?

Smart Print does require internet connection to download and install. It can work on web pages (i.e. html files) saved earlier locally.

11. What is the Smart Print Improvement Program?

Smart Print Improvement Program allows hp to collect usage data from users for the purpose of improving our application. Please note that the usage data are aggregated and are not traced back to individual users. To review your settings, selecting the "?" on the Smart Print Preview/Print bar located in the upper left corner of Smart Print. Select the Participate Tab to learn more.

12. What are the minimum system requirements for Smart Print?

Smart Print works on Windows XP SP3, Vista and Win 7 and currently supports only Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.