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HP Technology@Work 2011

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HP Technology@Work 2011

March - May 2011, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Istanbul
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HP Converged Infrastructure - enabling your Instant-On Enterprise

HP keynote session
The age of instant everything is forcing businesses to react to the speed of the market in order to stay competitive and create sustainable growth. With business demand moving faster than Information Technology (IT) can respond, the role of the IT organisation has never been more critical. This is why infrastructure convergence has emerged as the leading approach to accelerate time-to-value and time-to-applications by rapidly and securely transforming technology into a business advantage.
In this session, you will see how HP is leading the ‘era of convergence’ with innovative solutions and a systematic approach to deliver optimised architectures for virtualisation, applications and the cloud. You will leave knowing how HP Converged Infrastructure can accelerate your transformation to an Instant-on Enterprise.

Intel: Cloud Computing - From Vision To Action

Premier tour sponsor keynote
The world of information technology is moving at fast pace and accelerating. The Intel keynote will present a view of the fastest trend, Cloud Computing. This session will present vision, examples of industry collaboration as well as practical steps to more efficient data centers.

HP CloudSystem: An integrated system to build, secure and manage hybrid cloud services

HP keynote session
It’s a fact of life: cloud computing is hot. And when it comes to the use of cloud services, business today is actually outpacing IT. CIO’s need a systematic way to build a comprehensive solution to build, manage and consume cloud services in a common way across any source.
In this session, you will learn the requirements needed to deliver a hybrid cloud environment and experience how HP CloudSystem delivers the most complete, integrated system for building and managing services across private, public, and hosted cloud environments. Based on proven, innovation such as HP Cloud Service Automation and Converged Infrastructure, HP CloudSystem integrates and automates system management, servers, storage, networking, and security – providing the ideal platform to accelerate to the data centre of the future.

Extending the value of Converged Infrastructure with Converged Application solutions

Business Session
Today, deploying new applications requires large investments of time and money to integrate, optimise and maintain the applications, tools and infrastructure needed to deliver services to your business. In the new era of convergence, it’s time to transform this traditional model with open, modular systems that deliver complete applications with speed, agility and confidence.
Converged Application solutions are a new category of solution that fuse applications and infrastructure into a single, workload optimised system. With the new portfolio, your business can gain faster, affordable delivery of applications and ensure their employees will take advantage of these new services to drive business advantage. In this session, you will hear how HP is changing the expectations of what application solutions delivery should be and how this will enable you to accelerate the delivery of value to your business.

HP server portfolio: Building a common foundation for the data centre of the future

Business Session
The emerging demands of virtualisation, next-generation applications and cloud computing are changing the requirements in the data centre of the future and shaping the directions of HP server strategy. Deploying a common modular architecture optimised to your business workloads is the first step in delivering a systematic transformation of your legacy environment to a converged infrastructure.
In this session, learn how HP is exploiting the potential of a common modular architecture to deliver workload optimised systems that are more flexible, agile and efficient and more effectively align technology with the business need.

Converged network infrastructure

Business Session
Convergence is a core driver of data centre transformation today. Through initiatives such as virtualisation or cloud based services, data centres are being reshaped into more streamlined architectures. HP drives convergence beyond servers and storage into the network to deliver an all inclusive converged infrastructure. During this session, we will cover three key areas of the network where HP Networking offers converged solutions in the core, edge and remote parts of the network.

Navigating your cloud journey

Business Session
Cloud computing will radically change the way infrastructures, applications, and processes are sourced and consumed for meeting business needs. It will enable you to quickly deliver highly scalable and elastic technology-enabled services on a pay-per-use basis. Getting the most out of cloud computing, however, is not simple. Many CIOs are still unsure about the best way to begin their cloud journey and the return on investment (ROI) and risks that may be associated with a transition to a hybrid cloud delivery model.
In this session we will present the different sourcing and delivery options to help you make the right decisions on the way forward. Hear how HP can enable you to gain clarity on cloud concepts, identify the cloud initiatives that can work for your business and define actionable ‘next steps’ supplemented by transformation ‘best practices’ based on HP’s significant experience in this domain.

Storage for the next decade

Business Session
The information needs of tomorrow are radically different from today’s. Virtualisation, cloud, and growth of mobile devices drives exponential growth, unpredictability and complexity. These new forces on legacy storage architectures create an epidemic of sprawl across storage, network and compute that is complex and costly to maintain, inflexible, and unresponsive to the business.
HP StorageWorks has defined the storage architecture for the converged infrastructure, making you ready for the demands of the data centre of the future. In this session you will see how HP is defining a new set of requirements and innovations to address the storage demands of the next decade and beyond..

Information Management

Business Session
If your enterprise is like most, the amount of information you have to manage, protect and use is growing fast. Regulatory requirements and internal policies are on an increase. An information management strategy help you meet those challenges as well as preparing for managing information in the cloud.
In this session we’ll provide a view on what is included in an effective strategy, what solutions are available to automate classification and management of information, and tools for de-duplication, data reduction, archiving and protection.

Change the rules of Networking

Business Session
HP innovation is changing the balance of power in networking to your advantage. As data centre infrastructures evolve to address the increasingly challenging business imperatives, HP Networking is helping IT managers and network administrators find new solutions to technology, resourcing, scalability, security and cost questions. In this session you will review key steps towards enhancing the return on your networking investment in step with your overall data centre initiatives.

Hybrid delivery, seamless management: Management and Security solutions for HP CloudSystem

Business Session
In the new world of hybrid delivery the task of IT organisations has not changed - it is still about quickly delivering reliable services aligned with rapidly changing business needs. But how IT performs that task has changed dramatically -- and grown exponentially more complex. The need to manage and secure IT infrastructure and services has never been greater and the challenges never more acute. Join this session to learn how HP Cloud Management and Security solutions provide integrated control across the service lifecycle of your entire portfolio of services, regardless of their source. It's that control that lets you move forward into the cloud. All while still maintaining the quality of service, security and IT efficiencies the business needs.


Management in a converged virtualised world

Technology Session
The benefits of virtualisation start to lose some of their shine as organisations come to grips with the reality of actually managing a virtualised environment. As the move from implementation to management, the hidden issues of managing virtualised environments become clearly exposed. Transitioning to a virtualised environment creates new requirements for the effective management of the underlying infrastructure resources that are virtualised. Come and see how HP’s management tools can help you manage both the physical and virtualised environment all from the comfort of your favourite console such as VMware vCentre or Microsoft System Centre.

HP Data Centre Smart Grid - your blueprint to automate energy use and control environmental impact across your data centre

HP keynote session
"Power and cooling capacity is the No. 1 problem facing today’s data centres. The growing demand, cost and complexity of managing power and cooling across the data centre is a serious threat to business growth and reliability. Solving this problem requires a shift from the way most data centres are currently built, instrumented and managed. To enable new levels of energy sustainability and cost efficiencies, facilities must share a common, comprehensive view of data centre power and cooling.
The HP Data Centre Smart Grid is a key element to solving this problem. It combines hardware, software and services to create an intelligent, energy-aware environment spanning the entire data centre. In this session, you’ll learn how to integrate the Data Centre Smart Grid in your environment so you can take back control of power and cooling to extend the life of your data centre, support growth and lower costs. "

Storage for a virtual server environment

Technology Session
Virtual server sprawl combined with the demand for a highly available IT infrastructure requires new technologies to provision and manage storage. Storage solutions from HP are designed to provide the best VM integration in the industry. We will demonstrate in this session how HP P4000 and 3PAR technology delivers the best end-to-end data centre infrastructure for virtual servers as well as client virtualisation.

Application and Service Availability - ensuring your network doesn't let you down

Technology Session
Many cumbersome and high latency network protocols are employed today in order to ensure increased network resilience. These protocols lead to inefficiencies and complexity costs. HP Networking Intelligent Resilient Framework [IRF] offers an open, standards based solution which offers a simplified, yet higher performance alternative. With IRF you can virtualise switches and routers to enable network high availability within the data centre and between remote locations.

HP Industry Standard Servers & Software - taking the market to the next level of industry standards

Business Session
We know your success depends on solutions to unlock your organization’s full potential. You need innovative products and solutions to get there, which is why we are passionate about driving innovation into everything we do for ProLiant - it is part of our DNA. In this session, you will learn more about the future trends in IT with particular regard to x86 and articulate how the HP Industry Standard Servers and Software portfolio dovetails into these changes. We will also highlight how we are driving breakthrough efficiencies across three key dimensions: Management, Energy and Financials.

Less is more: Thin, tiered, deduped – the real value of capacity optimisation technologies for your business

Technology Session
Massive cost reduction in $/GB of storage hardware over the past years has not stopped the industry focus to look for ways for data reduction technologies. How can customers benefit from technologies like data de-duplication, thin provisioning or even from storage tiering? Where is the sweet spot for each technology? This session includes an overview of HP innovations like HP StoreOnce as well as the key benefits of the implementations within HP’s storage arrays.

Data Centre Virtualisation - solving the network dynamics

Technology Session
Virtualisation remains a core driver of all data centre transformations today in order to address continuing server and IT sprawl and to enable cloud-ready infrastructures. The mobility of virtual machines is, therefore, a critical design requirement. This imposes unprecedented specifications on the network from the security and performance perspectives. However, the fundamental challenge is posed by the need for virtual machine mobility across network domains. This session presents how HP offers network virtualisation solutions from the server edge to WAN.

Data Protection & Storage Management in a virtualised environment with VMware

Technology Session
Server virtualisation is changing the IT landscape dramatically. While virtualisation speeds and simplifies many IT tasks, others, like data protection and storage management, have become more complex. Learn how HP Data Protector can simplify application protection in virtual environments with VMware, including down to the second recovery. Discover how tight integration with HP Storage Essentials keeps you informed and ahead of problems.

BladeSystem Matrix (Matrix CSA): the foundation for your private cloud

Technology Session
"Your IT infrastructure will either enable or hinder your move to the cloud. With the right governance and processes, you can deploy private clouds that combine the advantages of public cloud with the transparency and control of internal IT.
To be succesful, a private cloud needs to deliver on 3 key requirements
- Self service delivery on demand: the most fundamental element of cloud computing
- Single governance & security model: a private cloud needs to be well managed to minimise business risk
- Automated metering & chargeback: clouds need to be capable of billing, even if enterprises don’t always implement that right out of the gate.
Join us and hear how Bladesystem Matrix meets these requirements and why we believe it is the ideal foundational building block to accelerate deployment of your private cloud "

3PAR - Storage for the cloud

Technology Session
"Simplified, seamless, non-disruptive scale-out storage is NOT a myth! Hear how the cloud revolution has opened new opportunities for your storage infrastructure. Learn about why 7 out of the 10 largest hosting service providers trust in HP 3PAR and how you can gain incremental TCO savings as well as achieve new revenue streams by deploying a cloud-ready IT infrastructure.
Learn how to deploy a single resource pool of storage that can seamlessly scale out (performance) or scale up (capacity). And find out how to utilise policy driven tiering for multiple storage cost structures to meet internal user budget requirements. Let’s make the cloud work for you! "

Securing your cloud

Technology Session
In any cloud implementation, the network is the single place where all the traffic is exposed to endless threats and attacks. As a result, it is of paramount importance to ensure that security and intrusion prevention are implemented in strategic locations all around the network. HP Networking offers security which is embedded into the network fabric for maximum efficiency and impact. HP Networking blocks and prevents more network, application and web threats and vulnerabilities than any other vendor in the industry.

Drive data centre innovation with HP Mission-critical Converged Infrastructure

Technology Session
From solving IT sprawl to achieving service level objectives, mission-critical needs are relentless. Join this session to understand the HP mission-critical computing strategy and how HP delivers a converged set of technologies supporting the most demanding mission-critical workloads. Learn how customers are achieving their business goals due to a simpler and unified IT environment with always-on resiliency and dynamic optimisation capabilities, and with greater stability and investment protection. In this session, we will showcase HP Integrity systems with HP-UX and HP NonStop solutions.

Accelerate your move to an Instant-On Enterprise

Technology Session
This session will focus on how HP Consulting and Support services can help you realise some key components of the Instant-On Enterprise. You will learn how to quickly eliminate the costly and rigid IT silos of the past by simplifying the data centre through the implementation of Converged Infrastructure elements and by taking full advantage of different service delivery models while mitigating the complexity that can accompany such a hybrid environment. Start your Instant-On journey with HP Consulting Services!

The impact of Exchange 2010

Technology Session
"As enterprises contend with increasing volumes of email and larger attachments and employees spend more time managing mailboxes, IT managers are managing overloaded systems. In addition to the time needed to manage these systems, businesses are investing in expensive hardware and software to address the problem, increasing costs and IT complexity.
Exchange 2010 allows you to consider a new server and storage infrastructure model. In this session we will look at options for deploying virtualised environments with a shared SAN pool of storage, dedicated blade (or rack) plus direct attach storage environments. We will also introduce the HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 which takes full advantage of the performance enhancements offered in Microsoft Exchange 2010, using direct attached storage disks to cost-effectively deliver large email systems. "

HP Desktop Virtualisation: Challenging the conventional wisdom

Technology Session
As an IT professional HP Desktop Virtualisation Solutions provide you the ability to offer your end users a superior workspace experience with predictable and cost effective service levels. Can performance really be as good as the local desktop? Which technology solution best fits each category of user in your business? How do you justify the upfront cost for data centre infrastructure with provide a clear view of ROI in the future? Join us and hear how HP has overcome these challenges.

Converged Applications solutions for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence from HP and Microsoft

Technology Session
Up until now, critical business applications have been developed piecemeal, requiring large investments to integrate, optimise and maintain the applications, tools and infrastructure into the services needed to support end users. A typical business service used to take up to 18 months to deploy, without guarantees of success. In the new era of convergence, it’s time to rethink the traditional appliance model to create open, modular systems that deliver complete critical business applications with speed, agility and confidence. Join us and learn how HP and Microsoft are delivering the industry’s first portfolio of converged application solutions pouring the years of industry leadership of solution engineering experience delivering best in class how-to in solution design, solution sizing, deployment and integration best practices studies and white papers.

Assessing you data centre maturity and planning your next move

Technology Session
"Assessing the maturity of an IT organisation will help define the steps that still need to be taken to enable an IT to deliver shared IT services and becoming a part of the business value chain. This session will introduce HP’s Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model (CI MM) – a pragmatic approach that assesses the current and target state of your existing IT Infrastructure, and delivers clear recommendations, priorities and actions that will help you transform your IT to support business processes via a Next Generation DC operating model. A CI MM assesment is the ideal entry point as your data centre transitions towards a “Cloud ready” state. "

Highest levels of applications availability with HP Business Critical unbreakable solutions

Technology Session
In today’s Instant-On Enterprise, organisations must deploy enterprise applications with continuous availability. Through Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure, HP Business Critical Systems deliver unbreakable solutions with HP-UX, OpenVMS and NonStop operating environments. Today, HP is introducing a new flagship system, the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem NB54000c, the industry's most available and scalable server platform, based on the Intel Itanium 9300 quad-core processor. In this presentation we will articulate how the latest HP Integrity NonStop servers provide 24/7/365 application availability out-of-the-box and offer the best choice for critical and complex enterprise applications. With software and hardware building blocks designed for fault tolerance, these servers deliver better than mainframe class of service, and are ideal for supporting mission critical applications requiring up to 100% availability, real-time high-volume transaction processing and rock-solid security. In addition, we will review latest developments in unbreakable solutions on HP-UX and OpenVMS.

SAP runs best on the latest HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure solutions

Technology Session
"This session will look at the current trends in SAP infrastructure development, challenges of cloud implementations, as well as the myths and reality of virtualisation. We will look at how HP and SAP continue to innovate to enable you to support new business models and deliver innovative SAP as a Service and advanced in-memory business intelligence solutions. Join us and learn
- how the HP SAP Mission-Critical CloudSystem solution, in conjunction with the unique innovative HP SAPS-meter Web service, can be deployed for SAP Cloud Services.
- how in-memory solutions enable the analysis of massive amounts of real time data about business operations and enable executives to pull the information they need, when they need it. "

HP Integrity Virtualisation and Security for your mission critical private cloud

Technology Session
"CIO’s face mounting pressure to accelerate service delivery, enhance business agility, and improve financial flexibility. They’re also eager to shift the budget away from capital expense and toward operating expense. They know cloud solutions can help them accomplish these goals, to be sure. But it will have to be the right cloud solution that ensures security and service-level agreements (SLAs) are maintained.
With an HP CloudSystem built on HP Integrity servers, it is simple to deploy and manage a mission critical private cloud within a common data centre infrastructure. Join us and learn how to combine the most trusted and automated high availability, dynamic virtualisation and security, built into HP-UX, with automated provisioning of the Matrix operating environment for HP-UX, to deliver your mission critical private cloud. "