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HP Technology@Work 2011

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HP Technology@Work 2011

March - May 2011, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Istanbul
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HP Technology@Work on Tour shows you how HP can provide you with a converged infrastructure to build an Instant-On Enterprise and thrive in an instant world.

As you know we've been working hard to deliver the converged infrastructure and data centre agility that enterprises all over the world need to make the most of cloud computing and satisfy the increasing demands of customers, employees, partners and citizens. They all want instant access to your products and services via any and every channel.

The question is: how do you deliver instant satisfaction?
You become an Instant-On Enterprise and focus on four critical requirements to do so:

- Innovation
- Agility
- Optimisation
- Risk

HP's Technology@Work On Tour event will, over two days, show you how you can achieve those requirements and, with HP’s converged infrastructure, build your Instant-On Enterprise.

Our experts and partners will show you how you can achieve a Converged Infrastructure to deliver agility; how Enterprise Network Security can be addressed; how Data Centre Optimisation can harness and unleash the power of your enterprise and how Hybrid Delivery can ensure you always use the best method of service so things get done instantly.

The Cloud is Here
Cloud Computing is revolutionising the way we all work. It's central to how the instant world works. To deliver it you need to build your own cloud environment so that you can perform faster and with more flexibility within your business sector. If you don't, your competitors will.

By working with HP, and making the most of the fact that we've invested in building the industry's leading data centre portfolio, you can accelerate your business to where you want it to be: at your sector's leading edge.

Take your place at HP Technology@Work On Tour and register now by clicking on your preferred location link at the top of this page on the left.